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Originally Posted by Dennis Frie View Post
The on-board regulator on the Arduino can't handle 4S without getting pretty hot. Can't tell you if it will get too hot, but I would suggest using a 5v BEC/UBEC connected directly to Arduino Vcc. The voltage-divider resistors should just be changed to match you input-voltage and you should be good to go
I just thought it would be a simple fix as the Simple OSD can handle 4S:
With this board you need only two cables (GND and 14.8 V) going directly from the lipo to the OSD board to both power it and to monitor the voltage.

I'm really interested in this new design, because the original design makes text on bright surfaces really hard to read. The DimOn and DimOff is nice, but if you dim to hard it obscures the image too much.
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