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Originally Posted by Legot View Post
Amidst these other PCB related posts, I'm just going to say that as of today mine is finally adequate to be sent for manufacture.
Sounds great
Just order some boards and let's see them in action! Perhaps you will get yours up and running faster than me.

Originally Posted by RickEis View Post
Just curious if you got this working well - I'd love to see it running
Sure thing.. The solderings looks a bit messy, but the SMD-components (resistors and caps) is connected directly.

Originally Posted by XDreamer View Post
I really like these open source projects! Especially for OSD, as most commercial ones make the screen extremely cluttered. Now I can make it look exactly how I want it!

Dennis: Does your new OSD design handle 4S lipos? The Simple OSD design from Flytron has voltage dividers that handles 14.8 V, but many other OSD boards just handle up to 3S.
The on-board regulator on the Arduino can't handle 4S without getting pretty hot. Can't tell you if it will get too hot, but I would suggest using a 5v BEC/UBEC connected directly to Arduino Vcc. The voltage-divider resistors should just be changed to match you input-voltage and you should be good to go
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