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Originally Posted by jab View Post
ZeroUAV and YS-X6 is already a serious WKM contender if you ask me (I have both). Sure the setup procedure and software layout isn't as fine tuned as it could be yet. But feature wise the YS-X6 basic kit is far ahead of the WKM equivalent. And all the small things do add up. Having live data from the copter with vibration status, number of satellite locks, battery voltage etc. is very helpful. And not to mention a log file if something goes wrong.. After having gotten used to the YS-X6 and telemetry, you feel much more separated from the hardware like you are flying on blind trust with the WKM.
I had the YS-X6 and sold it. I don't have enough time as it is to mess with something that is in development. I agree that DJI could offer more features at a lesser cost. I don't think that is in their business model. I am going to try the REVO board with GPS from OP. I will probably regret the decision again as I have with ArduCopter and ArduMega Boards. I am such a sucker for new tech. I still haven't found anything yet that matches DJI out of the box.
Tahoe Ed is online now Find More Posts by Tahoe Ed
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