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Let's start with an estimated thrust to weight ratio that you think would be needed to fly the plane. The video said the plane weighed about 20kg which is about 44lbs. In the smaller EDF's we're usually shooting for something close to 1:1 but I would assume that anything .75:1 would probably fly reasonably well. That means you are looking for something with 33lbs of thrust or better. That shouldn't be too difficult. Tam will tell you that well designed and efficient ducting will be critical in getting the most out of whatever fan you do choose to use. On a side note, I've seen Tam fly one of his 1:12 scale F-16's on a Jetcat P-20 which produces about 5 1/4lbs. My understanding is that the efflux speed from the turbine is much higher than the EDF and that is why a 5 lbs thrust turbine would outperform a 5lbs thrust EDF. The other issue is that as turbines burn off their fuel, they get lighter and their performance improves. With EDF, they take off and land at the same weight and performance reduces as the voltage drops in the battery. I recently saw another video where Tam was flying a big BVM F-86 on one of is 90mm EDF setups. It's amazing what he has been able to pull out of a 90mm EDF. So let's start looking for EDF's with thrust in the 33+ lbs range.
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