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Originally Posted by karlik View Post
I like futaba myself - my first radio was a attack 4 way back before they had gold stickers on the back, and my current fixed wing radio is a conquest 6.
If your 6 channel has all the swash mixing heli stuff avail you'll be able to use it on a CP (collective pitch) heli like a 450, but it doesn't sound like you're ready for that yet. It sounds like your new to heli so you'll probably want some experience on a trainer first?

The most popular small trainer helis are made by Blade, and they use spectrum radios. I'm going to need a new heli radio soon and I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with futaba or be like everyone else and use a spectrum like a dx6 or dx7.

You won't get many answers in this thread cause it's a little old and the title is about tail motors so start a new thread and ask the same questions - like any trainers that will use a futaba radio or what are the other best options. A new thread will get you answers and good advice from balr and jasmine and a some of the other helpful people.

I will suggest what I know they'll suggest in the new thread - get a good simulator like phoenix or realflight. It'll speed the learning process a lot and save you a ton of money on crashes and repairs.
thanks a bunch. i will start a new thread and yes this is my first heli i knew it was a toy when i got it. but now in ready to move up a couple nitches
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