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Originally Posted by microairman1 View Post
someone gave me a used o.s max 46fx today and i need to find a muffler,new glow plugs,and what fuel it uses. Also what can i clean it with cause it has some dirt and stuff on it. I dont know much about glow engines the only engine i have are cox .049. Basiclly anything i will need to get it running. any help would be great. Also if anyone knows of a good piper cub arf or kit that uses this engine that would be great. Thanks
Denatured alcohol cleans well, a toothbrush and this stuff makes it look a lot better too.
Ace Hardware in my town carries it too.
That OS will run on almost anything, even your Cox fuel, but that's expensive fuel today to use on a .46 from what you're used to for consumption. Just about any run of the mill fuel at your local hobby shop in this secondary power choice (to EP) will work, because they seem to only sell OS these days, and carry a limit of fuel primarily for such an engine as the FX series.

That Tower muffler mentioned isn't going to ever be available again, it's been unavailable for years now. It might perk up an engine a few hundred RPM at the cost of lower tank pressure.

Curious why you want a Piper? Cox seems to be a control line engine tethered to some control lines. RC might be a challenge to you, and a Piper isn't going to be a good trainer. Have you graduated from Trainers yet? I remember my first time (self taught) with a Kadet LT-40 crashing it repeatedly on the runway wondering why it couldn't go vertical like my control line models could!

You might want to know where the idle adjustment is on this engine too. It's not a reed valve, check it out
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