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Improving Hubsan X4 flight performance 101

NOTE: **Marked Links= Four must do mods for Hubsan X4 V1 and the one ET mod for the X4 V2, H107L, H107C and H107D FPV for durability and better flight performance.

Note that it must be perfectly level when you do the accelerometer calibration. Also there is accelerometer fine-tuning info here:
Husban X4 accelerometer calibration feature 101

Also see:
Hubsan X4 Transmitter stick calibration 101

Tx rate adjust info:
Hubsan X4 Tx rate and channel reverse setup 101

Tx info:
Hubsan X4 Tx changing modes 1 and mode 2 101

Hubsan FPV Tx used with the Hubsan X4 101

Walkera DEVO Tx Deviation firmware and A7105 transceiver works for Hubsan

DIY "Hubsan" RF module by Midelic

When you apply hover power, does it lift straight up? If not then try this:
Hubsan X4 trim adjusts 101

And do this:
**Hubsan X4V1 and X4V2 Electrical Tape Arm Mod 101

Do this motor straw mod suggested by MassiveOverkill to save the bottom of the motors from popping out when the motors are accidentally used as landing gear:
**X4V1 Micro motor saver guards

or this Silicone 1mm o-ring motor saver mod by Vadimus:
X4V1 Silicone 1mm o-ring motor savers 101

Do this too:
**Hubsan X4V1 older cylinder type crystal stability mod 101

Budasac's video of these Hubsan X4V1 must-do mods:

To prolong motor life lube them with a dry lubricant:
Mini and micro multicopter motor lubricating 101

Cracked X4 arms or frame?:
Gluing X4 plastic body cracks 101

Hubsan X4 caution on removing and reinserting motors 101
*NOTE: Always do a pre and post flight check on the motors to make sure that they are fully inserted into the plastic arms.

**X4V1 Motor bottom protection mods:
Beerasssain's rubber feet post
SBOT174's ear plug motor feet
Tank9's Rubber Bottoms Vs Landing Skid Overview
Ayodhya's rubber feet post
DarthMic's suction cup feet

Motor Lubrication:
Mini and micro multicopter motor lubricating 101

If you think you have a motor issue then do this:
Micro motor plastic bottom re-crimping

Motor replacement:
Hubsan X4 motor replacement 101
Hubsan X4/Traxxas QR1 motor replacements and wiring 101

Budasac's Hubsan X4 motor replacement video:

For easy prop removal:
Micro prop removal made easy using wire cutting pliers 101

Prop and motor rotation:
Hubsan X4 motor and prop rotation 101

Props not staying on?
Gluing micro props on motor shafts 101

Hubsan X4 lipo size and Center of Gravity considerations 101
Micro quad OEM and Turnigy Nano-Tech lipo tests 101

Adding LEDs to the X4 for night flying by MikefromGermany

H107C and H107D SD cards:
Hubsan X4 H107C and H107D SD card 101

Keep the X4 lipo wires neat:
X4 LOSI connector holder

X4 flght controller board versions:
X4 V1, V2 V3 comparisons 101

Dim and/or flickering LEDs or random dropouts before LVC?
Replacing Hubsan X4 voltage regualtor by MadMichael

If you don't have the manual, then here it is:
Hubsan x4 manual
Traxxas QR-1 manual

For the Noobs:
Hubsan X4 Noob first flight 101
--Connecting and disconnecting those pesky micro LOSI connectors by MassiveOverkill
--LOSI connector mods for easier plugging and unplugging 101
--LOSI locking tab removal for easier connections by MassiveOverkill
--LOSI micro T-connector for mini and micro multicopters
--LOSI connector sanding for easy removal by Pancari

And another more general trouble shooting guidance for mini and micro quads:
Mini and Micro multicopter trim issues checklist 101

Quadrocopter and Tricopter Info Mega Link Index
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