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Ok' now we are getting some where, Rodney, old_guy and Earl thanks' kinda what I wanted to hear. I was just out looking at the 60" wing of a Cherokee I have which is similar to the Tiger wing. I'm trying to get the perspective of aileron size to wing size. Probably a formula for this but I never had geometry so will have to come up with size another way. One thing do not want to do is have too much or too little.

On the Cherokee, which has flaps 1 1/2" X 12" and ailerons 2 3/8" X 12 1/2" or about 1" wider and may be a good gauge for the Tiger wing perportionally(spelling?) do you think ?. I don't mind doing the reconstruction to accomplish it and like the built up aileron anyway. I dont have flutter problems on any of my planes, propper mounting of control surfaces pretty much eliminate that.

BMatthews I'm sorry but I havent a clue what you said in your post so I probably won't be doing that, however I am greatfull for your attempt to help

Earl I see many of your posts and you have some good experience to offer, so goes to the rest of you. Any other comments are surely welcome, can't learn too much and I am planning some other changes (minor) on this plane like the viertical stab and increasing cowling aera for DLE 20 and a larger fuel tank. want to cowl the engine (fiberglass) so you see I have some things to work out.

Thanks again, Leroy.
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