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Originally Posted by Tim Green View Post
I've setup my default Guardian 2D pitch about 10 degrees up, with a slight leftward roll as well. This should result in being able to use 2D for a recovery mode that instead of plowing straight ahead straight and level, the plane will slowly rise in a CCW spiral - thus avoiding trees, buildings, etc. that might otherwise be in the way - and this also prevents a plane in unattended 2D mode from flying off on a straight line into lala land.

So - I'll use 3D for fun and windy days - and use 2D only for emergency recoveries. (Haven't tried it yet - but it ought to work )
I have thought about doing something like that as a fail safe. Set up the fail safe presets to put Guardian in 2D with a slight bank and not quite enough throttle to stay airborne. The objective to put the plane in a slow, circling descent. The pitch would need to be set for a safe glide, however. Your climb scenario would likely have the plane getting higher and higher as it drifts slowly away with the wind. When the battery or fuel runs out, it would come down with a series of stalls or a spin.

As pointed out, I think your pitch angle would be problematic. Also, if you want the plane to circle you will need to turn off heading hold. Otherwise 2D will just override your bank angle to hold the plane on course.
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