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Originally Posted by peterlonz View Post
Please consider novices to heli flying.
After all you do suggest with a few tweaks it is suitable.
So for the uninitiated:
Does 450 mean 450 mm bladespan?
What was the cost?
What's global availability like?

Also you did strike some serious building problems not least of which was a difficult to achieve balance with the attendant DIY solution.
Then a failed ESC due to heat - surely that's something that should just not happen. Better ESC choice, improved positioning or heatsinking - you don't tell us.
My reaction was "potentially great kit spoiled by sloppy attention to detail by manufacturer but a BUY anyway".
450 means the class of helicopter - all classes from what I have seen focus around the Align class of helicopters as they are the most popular brand to fly. I believe for the Align helicopters, the class number indicates the size of the electric motor, as in 450MX Brushless motor for the Align T-REX 450PRO DFC. For this model that was reviewed, the E325 is the blade size for this particulary heli. Clear as mud for those of us getting started. Basically any beginner should be comparing helicopter specs to see if they are roughly the same size machines or look at forum categories to see where specific brands are being discussed.

I would think the costs depended on what you want to install in this particular model as you added your own electronics, hopefully with decent electronics and comparison shopping, you put it together for around $500-$600. It would have been nice if he added up the cost for his components as the tail servo he used I priced out at $100. Might not have been the best place to shop but I might look for a lower priced servo. Maybe that one was top of line.

A quick search on the Internet shows you can buy this from a wide variety of places. How convenient that is for some folks around the globe, I would think each person would have do a search like I did. Thunder Tiger is a pretty widely known brand and I believe their E325 class has been out as long as the Align 450 if I recall correctly.

Funny about your reaction to the kit. Comments I see from users in a variety of forums indicate the mini Titan is a very good stable helicopter to learn on and easier to work on than the comparable Trex 450 and its clones. The balancing issue is a concern but that is first I have read about it versus some other threads I have been reading. Might do some more research on it.

As for the ESC, I see a lot of folks replacing the Ace ESC with something. If I purchase this kit, it will be without the motor/esc combo.

I have been looking a wide variety of kits to purchase and no matter what I read, you better be prepared to work at the helicopter build/setup. Someone is always replacing something in any kit I have read about. Something isn't quite right and you to spend time to figure out before getting dialed in to fly.
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