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Auto trim

Ya'll are trying to make auto trim something that is hard to do and complicated as the devil, nothing could be further from the truth. The combat coroplast plane that I bought at the flyin proves this. All I had to do was glue the vertical fins on, install the battery and receiver and fly it. It has elevons and throttle, the guy I bought it from hand launched for me and I gained a little altitude I hit the auto trim button, and it trimmed out the plane. I then just flew the plane till the battery went down and I haven't touched any of the trim tabs since then. I had the trims at the center position on the launch and they are still in the same position. I am glad to know for sure that the new tx will have this feature, after you use it one time you will see why I like it so much. BTW the Ace MicroPro 8000 has cross trims so it is also easy to trim out a plane manually as you don't have to let go of the right stick to move the trim tabs, you do it with the trim tabs of the left side of the tx! Jim, will the new radio have or be capable of cross trims? These two features are just one of the reasons I love my Ace. I can't wait to hear the comments about auto trim after the radio hit the market. I might even say, 'I told you so'. Just wait, you will see what I am talking about. Ha!
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