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Originally Posted by Scooch View Post
I disagree with this statement. The front gear is a known weakness in this plane. I think it is the first thing that needs to be changed. The fix is quick, simple, and cheap. Switch it out and save yourself the aggravation of having a day of flying ruined because of bent gear. Another reason to change the front gear to the spring loaded dubro is that the spring will absorb some of the impact, lessening the stress on the firewall.
Well, I guess we agree to disagree because I did buy two Dubro's and I will have a spare for my Sky Trainer in the future and another one for another project.

The FACT that I was able to bend it back with just two (2) pliers says to me that they were expecting people land rough or catch something on landing and again my model landed pretty hard and completely flipped upside down with nothing more than a bent front nose wheel strut. This stock strut exhibited easy fix by bending it back and was able to align it correctly to allow the end pin to slide through the plastic parts again without the need for any machine shop assistance or precision tools.

You can be dissatisfied with this end of the model, okay, but, it is my opinion that the stock Frontal Nose Wheel Strut is pretty good for what it is and there is no need to go off and replace it initially right out of the box.

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