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Originally Posted by jab View Post
This is the point where I disagree. To fix the bug, they first had to find and confirm it. In the 72h test video they mention that at least one of the test copters would flip within 12h before the fix. And at the moment one of those copters flipped, they knew there was a problem. Why did we not get to know this information? I can pretty much guarantee that we are talking about more then "a couple of days" from when they confirmed the bug, figured out what was causing it, made a fix, tested and then lastly released with a grand PR statement.
It is true that they could have admitted the bug a lot sooner. No denying that.
However think of the reverse of this. You publicly admit you have a bug but you don't know what it is. At that moment every crash all over the world is the WKM's fault. It is much easier to blame the electronics than to admit you made a mistake. If you think about DJI as a company it makes sense that they did not confirm a bug until they knew the reason.

That being said it still sucks for us as end user to have no idea what is going on. I know how i felt every time i was airborne thinking at every twitch that this is the time it would flip... So yeah DJI could have been more open about what was going on. At least tell us they are investigating it...
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