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Originally Posted by kakariki View Post
This is a great article, I hope you can do the rest icluding the Mk.II. so I can verify what I have.
Here are my 4 Mk.I's, left to right-
#1- 1A 1738 50 on front of crankcase
#2- IN 1316 51 "
#3- 1 N 241 53 "
#4- 1 F 422 4 on mounting lug.
Thanks, actually it wasn't intended to be an "article", it started out as a "quick post", but I seem to have rambled on a bit...
Your engines are a good illustration of the S/N year format change that I mentioned above. Years 50 to 53, you get the two digits, but in 54 they went back to one digit. Even the one digit isn't a problem obviously. It just means that you "have to know" within ten years. Although I've seen 1959 ED Hunters listed on eBay as being 1949 and 1969!
I'll try to "finish off" the Mk I Bees later today.
PS: Concerning your engine #2 above, the first character is a "1", not "I".
Secondly, on engines #1 and #2, are you sure that the 1(thousand) character isn't a slash "/"?
Even if we understand a bit about ED serial numbering, some of the S/Ns are extremely difficult to read. I must own about 50 ED engines, and there are quite a few on which the S/N just isn't clear and unambiguous (particularly Racers, with the chemically coated magnesium case)...
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