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First FPV flight!

I got my first taste of FPV and returned with EasyStar II in one piece ! Yahooooo!!!!

EasyStar II - First FPV flight! (4 min 54 sec)

I would have trashed my ESII without the help of my tolerant wife, who agreed to be spotter despite the cold. I launched LOS, waited till it was stable, then slipped the video glasses over my eyes. I wasn't prepared for the change in perspective! I was momentarily confused (1 minute into the video); then my wife shouted "Pull up, pull up!" I slid the glasses back and saw the plane dive , killed the throttle and pulled up just in time.

I tried again once I'd regained altitude, then flew smoothly for 10 minutes. It was helpful to have a spotter - I lost my sense of direction several times despite having watched numerous keychain camera vids of the site. I finally started orienting to the shapes of distant hills.

The video signal was good to the edge of the soccer fields, almost half a mile. It flickered a time or two, but I just did gentle turns until it locked in again.

I wasn't brave enough to land FPV due to trouble judging altitude (hints welcome!). I slid the glasses back as it passed overhead, then landed LOS.

Afterward, we did a ground test at the University of Alaska. The video signal was strong at 0.5 miles but barely detectable (lots of snow) at 0.7 miles. The Dx6i still turned the rudder at 1.1 miles. Beyond that, trees obscured the line of sight.

I have a patch antenna coming for the Dx6i. Now I'm pondering how to improve the video range. 5.8 ghz 600 mw transmitter? Switch to 1.3 ghz or 900 mhz? A solid signal for a mile or two would be cool!
mutski is online now Find More Posts by mutski
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