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Originally Posted by cookci View Post
In the uk I can only get my hands on a limited number of airframes!

Never seen the 57" extra over here!

We do get sebart though for a reasonable price!

Are there any disadvantages to a lengthening the fuse? Also I think ball links at both ends of the control rods might help remove some slop... I will try that
Hey buddy, I'm from the UK and I hear ya!

But two good pieces of news!

The guy who runs Global RC is apparently getting a whole new container of 3DHS models fairly soon which I guess will keep him in business for the 2013 season. I believe he is choosing some different ones for 2013 (59 Slick, 74 Edge, Bigfoot, etc.) but give him a call to be sure!

Also, ADCHobbyStore dispatch 3DHS to the UK! Surprisingly, even though it comes all the way from the US, prices are pretty good and customs is usually around 30 to 60 which is bearable, so you won't pay much more (or maybe even less ) than if you were to buy in the UK.

As for the Sebart, I've flown a few of their planes and whilst the schemes and quality of them is very nice I don't think they're on par with 3DHS, EF, and PA stuff for flight characteristics.
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