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Originally Posted by kzimmerm View Post
I did not create a building log only because there was one already there. You can follow the building log from this link:

Just wondering what mods you were thinking of making. My build I choose to leve things along, keeping it a 2m RES.
Thanks Kurt! I'm working my way through the thread and appreciate you sending it along. I've found that all threads are worth a read - I can always learn something new!

As for mods, well, I almost hate to say this here, but as I fly only electric sailplanes or slope, and don't have access to a winch or hi-start, I was thinking of electrifying the Miles. I know, perish the thought!!

The primary reason I bought it, other than knowing that it's a great sailplane, is that I had a NEU 1105 inrunner motor spare from a Pulsar that met an unfortunate end. I thought that the Miles might be a good contender to put it in, but wasn't too keen on the idea of "disturbing" such a well-designed sailplane, so I parked the project for a while. In the interim, I've decided to put the motor into an Oly II SX that's currently underway, and it's going to be perfect in that airframe. So, I've now got a Miles with no motor, and I'm contemplating the next move. Build it as a sailplane and buy a hi-start, electrify it and find the perfect motor combo to put in it (as light as possible is the goal here), or think about it a little more!?

Years ago when I lived in Pasadena, Ca. I flew only hi-start launched sailplanes - electric stuff wasn't really an option, and am not against the idea of getting another hi-start, but, well, that's something to consider again. Finding perfect locations to set one up where I live is not always a possibility. It seems that people like planting grapes everywhere here - a good problem to have

Sorry for the long-winded response... thinking...


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