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I've had great luck with converting during the building to proper wide outer style "barndoor" ailerons as well. I found that they improved things just as Earl says.

In your case instead of widening the existing ailerons which makes them MORE prone to flutter at the same time it increases the stiffness I'd go with horn style mass balances. This is where you put a wire whisker onto the ailerons that extends forward and down at an angle off the lower side or forward and up along the upper side and stick a littel lump of lead on the end. The idea is that this moves the chord wise balance point of the aileron forward closer to or even right to the hinge line. This acts to raise the flutter speed up above what you can achieve with the model. I've had to do this on two models over my modeling career and both time it produced excellent results.
BMatthews is online now Find More Posts by BMatthews
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