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Originally Posted by ColSonders View Post
My MQX has dreadful stability issues when descending, even with nothing attached, even without a canopy.

I'm not convinced it's normal behaviour and believe it's related to imbalance in either the props or the power levels of the motors or a combination of those things.

Adding extra weight magnifies this issue!
Originally Posted by Darsh View Post
I think that the instability in MQX while losing height rapidly has to do with vortex ring state, a condition commonly found in rotary wing vehicles (AKA "Settling with power").

Yes, it's not just your mQX ColSonders. My WLToys V929 quad exhibits exactly the same instability when descending quickly. I've learned to do kind of a spiral-looping thing with the cyclic control that lets me descend in a tight-ish column without it going unstable.

I first discovered the vortex ring state when I was carrying a #808 on my V929. The extra weight REALLY increased the effect and my first few flight videos always ended up in a pretty spectacular Good thing I was flying over grass!
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