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Originally Posted by tmsn View Post
Installed the HP08S in my 130X. I tested it the first time just hovering and it seemed ok after re-binding. Took it to the park and I could barely keep it off the ground for the first 30 seconds - just kept pitching on its own. Had a couple of soft blade strikes on rough landings with throttle cut, no big deal. Now, the motor will run for a few seconds and then shut off. I hit the switch, it spins up, runs for maybe 5 seconds and then just quits. I've tried changing my throttle curve to 60%, and it still shuts off.

I simply installed the motor, I didn't do any other mods. Am I missing something?
As mentioned by HeliFax, check your gear mesh.
11T pinion should be no issue, check it anyway.
10T pinion, you will likely "elongate" the motor mounting hole a "hair". The 10T meshes with the main gear a bit tight, drawing more current and messes up your motor's RPM. PLUS it will wear/strip the main gear easliy. It could also cause LVC due to high current draw, & sometimes toast the $80 board.
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