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Originally Posted by Jackson Stone View Post
Hi Andrew,

I am pleased and excited to hear about your new products. The C module seems like a excellent expansion of the line.

A couple updates at my end:

First, I have been working to upgrade my FMS "Marie" Mustang. I installed a new motor and firewall. The new motor is capable of handling 1850 watts, although I will probably run it at a considerably lower watt draw. To assure that I don't lose a control surface during flight I cut off all the surfaces and reinstalled with hinge material. Used tape on the flaps, CA hinges on the ailerons, and pinned hinges on the rudder and elevator. I am ordering new retracts and expect to have the plane airworthy shortly after they arrive.

Second, the 125 amp ESC for the new power system on my P-47 arrived yesterday. So, this weekend I expect to replace it and reorganize the placement of the sound system speakers. The top 2 inch speaker will stay where it is but I will install some Depron baffles to better direct the sound and replace the plastic speaker grill with a metal one. The metal speaker grill will reduce the amount of material blocking sound from exiting as it has its own structural strength. The bottom 2 inch speaker will be moved closer to the bottom of the fuselage, just like I have on the P-51. It will also get a metal speaker grille. The other remaining repair on the P-47 is the landing gear mounts. This will involve bonding plywodd mounting brackets into the foam wing. The landing gear uses Hobby King 514 servoless retracts, some "P-47" alloy oleo struts from Hobby King, and 3 inch scale wheels. I believe my original vision for the P-47 will have been realized by the end of the weekend. Should have her remaidened by early next week.

Last is a new project. I am going to install a B unit module into a Multiplex Fun Cub that will get built over the next week or two. The Fun Cub will have sound, lights, strong (non-stock) landing gear and oodles of power. My idea is to have a plane that looks and sounds (Lycoming sound) somewhat like a real Cub would cruising through the sky, but can transform in an instant into a wildly aerobatic performer. With the time change I have gotten into a routine of flying at one of my clubs late in the afternoon through the sunset. It will be nice to have a plane that has both scale appeal and aerobatic potential with lights flying in the twilight.


Glad to hear things are coming along! Looking forward to the Cub!

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