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Thanks for the encouragement Kenny.

Taping the aileron hinge last night before repairing the second half of the wing worked! No epoxy got onto the hinge line and this morning when I removed the weights the hinge was free and clear. I wish I would have done that on the first half of the wing. The thin blue line in the image is the blue painters tape I put along the hinge line.

This afternoon I started the repair on the rear pylon, the pod and the nose cone.

I mixed a small amount of the fumed silica into the epoxy and worked it into the bottom pylon hole in the fuselage and fixed the wing in place to maintain the alignment while the epoxy is curing. Tomorrow I'll take the wing off and work on the top pylon hole and use the unicarbon to repair the top of the fuselage.

For the pod I used a small piece of carbon for the inside of the pod, and a small piece of .75 oz glass cloth on the outside of the nose cone.

If I don't go flying tomorrow (which is doubtful) I could finish, but it will probably be next week before the repairs are done.

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