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Originally Posted by GliderJim View Post
I'm pretty sure a thermal could turn in either direction, it just depends on what forces are there to initiate the rotation. Maybe a thermal out in the middle of a field with no other obstacles will follow the north/south hemisphere "rule", but if it kicks up near an obstacle such as a tree line or something, with a little breeze, I could see it kicking off in either direction. If I fill my tub with water and open the drain, I can get the water to spin in either direction by giving it a little swirl with my finger. Once it's started in a direction, it'll hold that until the tub drains. Too much momentum for any other weak forces to change what's happening. Just speculation of course.
I gotta go with this 100%. "Thermal" is a broad definition. We get afternoon wave action at work from sea breezes that have an element of heated air to them. You can park up there sometimes with little or no ground speed and hang till your tired of flying.
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