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Ah, the nose door! I love it. Below you can see photos of the door in the open and closed position. The servo is an E-Flite DS-35, and ultra tiny fast servo intended for indoor foamies. I had to change the connector to work with standard equipment (it's set up for an AR6300).

There's also a video of the door and gear working together in that ZIP file. These are driven using the "Basic" pre-defined sequence (second on the list) in the DX18. I adjusted the sequence time down to 3.0 for both directions, and tweaked the door position timing a smidgen. It's really cool being able to use a feature in the transmitter that was a lot of fun to develop.

The door looks a little off. The hinges are only held in place with a little friction. They will be much better after the model is covered and I can align and glue things permanently.

Note when the door is open that there is a rail inside the door for the pushrod to be adjustable in a bunch of different positions. Space those holes as close as you can - mine are spaced 3/32" apart. It makes the setup a lot easier. Also, use a servo horn like the one shown, the T type with 3 holes. Those help. And the little V-bend in the pushrod is to make it adjustable too.

Next step will be wingtips. The glue is already dried, I just have to do some sanding!

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