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Originally Posted by brace View Post
Must be cold in the northern hemisphere. A lot of interesting theory but few are putting it to the test by buying a motor and actually giving it a go.
Gentleman, the motor runs, not perfect but it is certainly more than suitable to fly a sport, trainer or fun flyer and is a lot of fun to fly at the field for hours with little cost.
I agree that it could be better and I will, as time permits, put my limited efforts to this with trials of various sorts. There are people on this forum with far greater knowledge and experience who I am sure could make this a better motor but I suspect will only do so from the safety and warmth of the computer desk.
As for the velocity stack? working around in my head how to make a more trumpet shape that will fit on the motor.
Yes I can concur, I did put my money where my mouth is, I am currently fielding three of the little gas engines in three different airplanes. They are working OK for me. Granted they could have done things better maybe. Or maybe I just had the bad luck of the draw, so to speak, on the engines I got. But I did get them to work and run OK for me. Plus I have gotten quite a few flights out of the engines and planes so far. Now I do have two more engines as well that I am planning to fly in a twin engine plane. It has been a lot of fun along the way, playing with these engines too. If could have been much better if they were plug and play, but I have had much more worse engines to tinker with in the past though.
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