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Originally Posted by variantman View Post
What's the deal with lipo shipping? I read a little bit about it in one of the threads. USPS won't ship lipos unless they are in the device? One way you could get around that is to put any extra lipos someone orders inside the tx battery compartment during shipping. I don't have mine with me at the moment but I wonder how many would fit in there. And of course place one inside the quad. Just a thought.
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Originally Posted by variantman View Post
Looks like a good start. I did notice things got a little funky on my iPad when I went to open up the thumbnails of the quads. I Couldnt "X" them out. Could just be Safari.

The discount without the retail box sounds great!!!

Are you going to put Ladybird props on your Amazon store?
I'm going to try, but as I've said before Amazon requires you to sacrifice a lamb to add a new product.

Originally Posted by stonecutter View Post
Couple of comments on your site MO.

1) as mentioned above, site is not very ipad friendly.
2) a bug in the register account process, it keep asking for a phone number but there's no place to enter it.

Fine job thus far otherwise.
Originally Posted by skitchen8 View Post
I don't know if I'm just missing it but I see no pricing anywhere.
Originally Posted by stonecutter View Post
skitch, that's because nothing is for sale yet. MO did mention a while ago his target price for a mini pet RTF is around $50 plus shipping, and for the Nano-Tech 300 45C's $5 plus shipping. Of course he has the right to change that.
Thanks for the input guys. I haven't drunk the Kool Aid yet, but I know how important it is for the site to be both mobile as well as Apple friendly so I'll work on it. Frankly, I'm pretty happy considering I've done the website by myself (except James's Flight page) in a week with no prior experience.

I'm going to try and find the cheapest price that I can ship the lipos if ordered by themselves, but it will probably be USPS padded envelope.

Yes you won't be able to order anything yet until I get the shipping API's finalized, and I have to weigh everything and make sure that you don't get charged for extra shipping when ordering multiple items. Right now it gives you free shipping, which we would love to do, but then we'd be a non-profit organization

If you order a Mini Pet, any additional items will be put in the same box so long as they fit, and you won't have to pay extra shipping on them, or order 5 batteries or 3 sets of props by themselves you only pay what we pay.

I also tested the stock Mini Pet USB charger on the Turnigy's and the charger does have overcharging protection built into it so it should charge other brand lipos if you don't already have a decent charger. The charger also seems to have polarity protection (ask me how I know ), but the Turnigy's we sell will already have their leads swapped so you won't have to do it.

I know you all would love to see more products, but it makes no sense for us to carry them unless we can get aggressive pricing and manufacturer stability (Hubsan). Once we get deals negotiated you'll see more products, but we're currently working on getting the V939.
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