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Originally Posted by CrazyLittle View Post
Look, the Tea Party is the new face of the GOP. It's the monster that Fox built. You're not going to get meaningful change within the structure of the GOP until the leadership and the money behind it change their entire structure and policy and narrative.

Want more examples of the GOP hate machine at work? Listen to the first 10 minutes of Opie and Anthony on 11/7. It's a beautiful example of "still doesn't get it." Warning though that Opie and Anthony are complete potty-mouths.

This stuff doesn't create itself. It's been carefully grown and farmed since Nixon.
I disagree. I think you're stuck on the past and assuming that is the only future. I think the tea party could possibly be on its way out. If the economy improves significantly, then it this will have been its last hurrah.

That's not to say the GOP will not have stances that I think are flat-out insane, I just think some of those are going to be tossed. Like I said before, even conservatives don't like to loose, and I'm betting they can go back, look at their playbook, and retool for a better game two years from now.

And if you are stuck believing that all that money and power in the FOX news crowd is so influential, then explain the shellacking they got on Tuesday. See, I think Roves ideas can only go so far, and I think this election proved that.
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