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Originally Posted by bildo baggins View Post
We just need Jay Z and Oprah on our side.

Great article and yes, they do paint with a wide brush. Did it all campaign long. There is no right good. They are all racists and want to put women and all minorities back to the 1800s. That was their message and it resonated full on. Rationale or reason do not seem to be in that paint bucket
Uh, no. CL was using a wide brush, and so are you.

Asians voted 75 to 25 for Obama. The article in the OP discusses the reasons why, and makes what I think is a good argument that asians share more core values with conservatives then liberals.

For Bog's sake, CL and I are making an argument for a STRONGER Republican party, and your response comes down to, "they're picking on us."

If two liberals are shouting out for you, and you miss it, you need to rethink a few things. Like who your enemies really are, cause I'll tell you right now, I'm not one of them.
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