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Originally Posted by Paulnuneaton;23228169[B
]proton dont be under the impression that the what next was a complete new design [/B]my friend if you google rc trainer in the image sections you will see oh so many that look the same so i have my doubts that this was just a hybrid like so many QUOTE)

oh silly me! fancy going to the trouble of searching through the 500+ designs in the scratch built foamie section of RCGroups and not being able to find what i was looking for... then making the further mistake of using my 45 years experience and designing a very clever little aeroplane that is virtually un-stallable for the novice and at the same time a hoot to fly for the experienced pilot...

when all i had to do was go on Google images and copy someone elses design... what was i thinking

the woody will be shown when im good and ready to show it like i say there are 3 already out there flying at the moment also the pdf is being drawn up not by me but someone else so im affraid you will have to wait failing that nothing more i can say on the subject

so 3 "woodys" out there flying yet you dont feel it is time to reveal to the masses


that is just outstanding!

so not content with trying to hijack my Wot-next thread you sit at your keyboard accusing designers of not designing their own models on this fine forum yet are unable to post a single photo of one of your "prototypes"

either put up or shut up! and show us your prototype

you are in amongst some very experienced model builders and designers on this section

you havent the first idea of who you are insulting!

how much (more of this do i have to put up with)
how much is online now Find More Posts by how much
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