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In case you haven't guessed already from the picture, I milled out the dust shoe. I have never milled aluminum before and this was a great learning experience for me!

First thing I learned was that you should almost always CLIMB mill aluminum. This seemed counter intuitive to me so, at the last minute, I changed all of my tool paths to conventional.

Good thing I did, otherwise, I wouldn't have such pretty stock /sarcasm

Here you can see the difference in the finish between the part and the stock.

Not that big of a deal this time as I intended to grain the surface anyway... BTW the chamfer was done with the InGroove 90 degree insert...

I was hoping to compare the Amana endmill with the Onsrud one from ebay, but the Amana one didn't survive the first plunge. My settings were 10 IPM plunge and 80 IPM cut with the router set at 13500 RPM and a 20 degree ramp in to a .05" depth of cut for that particular path. Any advice would be appreciated. I think the aluminum is T-6061

After that, I changed all of my settings from:

Plunge = 10 IPM to 5 IPM
Cut = 80 IPM to 60 IPM
Spindle = 13500 to 16500
DOC = .05" << I might try being a little less aggressive in the future...

Just to be more safe, as I figured I could more easily combat heat.

Here are the pieces for the dust shoe removed from the stock... The little pockets are for magnets. I will have to fixture the last piece to do these pockets on the other side as well.

Here is a mock up of all of the pieces together... Try to ignore the blue tape. I think I am going to wrap the upper inch with black tape and epoxy the first 1/2" or so....

I will also be adding the extra layer into the assembly. I have all of the magnets and the brush, I just have to find the time to tap holes and glue in the brush.

On to the video! With this video, I sort of documented the whole thing as I enjoy it when people do the same. Sort of in the 'myfordboy' style. I might do a 'talkie' at some point, but this was unobtrusive, just doing what I would do anyway... Hope you enjoy!

Platform CNC Dust Shoe, Part One (13 min 26 sec)

Also for anyone that is interested, I have started the Pre Order for Platform kits!

Click below for more info!!!

That's it for now!


Brian Oltrogge
Grünblau Design Studio
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