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Agree with all of the above.

Just a comment - I did a test during summer regarding the filling of holes in foam - both white (expanded) and pink/blue/gray (extruded). Took some of same foam and dissolved in acetone. Was able to get a pretty sticky/gooey blob and smeared in with metal putty knife. Overfilled and took about a week to harden. Then 80 grit disk sander to smooth off. Left some small potholes but small enough to use thickened WEST epoxy and then sand again. The "goo" is harder than the foam - but it is much less expensive to fill this way than with a lot of epoxy - unless holes/gouges are small.

White foam dissolved quicker and seemed to work better. Extruded stuff took more time/acetone to melt. You will have to "play" with acetone volumes to get the right consistency if you want to try this. This method causes fumes so should be done outside with mask and safety shield/goggles.

WEST works very well - but as noted can be expensive depending on the size to be repaired. Use WEST for applying fiberglass on deck/inside cockpit - but remove old (loose) fiberglass first.
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