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I think you all forgot that they more or less copied the Saito FG14 or FG20 carburetor to make the carb for this engine. They did break out the pump/regulator part from the main carb body, making it a two piece carb setup. Anyway I would think that if there were problems with the carb, Saito would have found it and corrected it to some extent. Now they did leave off a few obscure parts, such as the little check valves. But one has to wonder if those check valves were really needed or not.

So we would really need to study the Saito carb closely and see what differences there are as compared with the NGH carb.

I think it still boils down to issues with manufacturing for the pump/regulator unit. Subtle things such as the tooling marks causing air leaks, etc. The carburetor or throttle body seems to work fine for me, albeit it could have probably been done better, but I honestly can't say what one could do to make it better though. I am no authority on the intricate and subtle details that make a carb work good. But sometimes I can see something and I am able to correct it.
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