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Originally Posted by turk1 View Post
I didnt see any example so I cant say anything.Can you put a scetch drawing about it?The fuel jet and throttle valve placing is the only key factor.
Pls. think again how regulator needle(common principle for all) works...
You've ignored my previous posts about Walbro rotary barrel carbs and my comments about the Cline regulator (made with Walbro regulator diaphragm and needle) in conjuction with "glow carbs" regardless of the type of fuel.

But, I wasn't the only one suggesting you look at the identical Walbro design.

You say the walbro pump works on vacuum. You misunderstand that the amount of suction is not what controls the fuel rate. There is a fuel metering circuit after the regulator diaphragm and needle. Without the metering needles or jets, the carb would supply a very fuel rich mixture because the fuel regulator circuit can supply far more fuel than is required. The regulator diaphragm has one job, supply as much fuel as the engine needs at a fixed pressure. That is all. In real life this pressure varies slightly depending on fuel flow.

To get a functional carb one must look at the entire system. This is why randomly choosing a carb for an engine doesn't work. The carb is very dependent on the engine characteristics for it's calibration.

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