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Originally Posted by baconflyer View Post
LIES, you can get a 200mw 900mhz system (camera, vtx, vrx,) on hobbyking for about $50, a small monitor on amazon for about $25, and a couple 3s lipos on hobbyking to power everything for about $5 each, unless my math is wrong, that comes out to $85, which I do believe is less than $100.
And Eagle's point was that you'll end up flushing the money down the toilet when it is craps out on your first flight, smashing everything to the ground. You'll get what you pay for, and if it is for a 30 second flight that ends in a plastic bin, its just a waste of money. It took me six months of gradually buying gear to get something that was usable. I then found that I needed more and more gear in the mix to build up a robust enough system to have the confidence in flying the way I wanted to. Rushing into it for instant gratification sake is going to result in a lousy experience. $.02
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