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Originally Posted by sykotic View Post
How many of you are running a 100lite in your xplane with lots of power? (16/35/1 + 16x17 on 5s)

Fried my (another... have a pile of them building up now) p125 today doing speed runs I'm guessing it was around the 200amp/3kw+ mark. 200m course so I'm guessing 3-3.5 second runs was a little too much .

Thinking about 100lite or a Jive 150lv..... Jive is big $$$$ but I don't want to lose another airframe.
Hi sykotic,

I have an ICE file from a friend who lives somewhere Cold.
16X17S at Similar Power level as you.

Looks like he runs the throttle for about 2 seconds......on a switch.
I zoomed in to show the highest ESC temp reading near end of his flight.
Looking at couple of his flights: He hit the switch 11 times per flight for 1.5 sec to 2 seconds each time.
He has not had many flights.

I'm 99% sure it was an ICE lite....I can check if you want.

His initial ICE log note shows:
Motor start power Low (39)
Motor timing: Low (0)
PWM rate: 12

Good luck,

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