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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Sweet, i looked Tarot does not make a 250 yet. But the CX 250 is pretty sweet, then i'm going to put the DFC head on it. That is interesting about the Gorilla gear. I didn't know they bent and can be thermally reset. That is pretty cool.
It took a fall from 30 feet straight down on the skids (tail rotor failure) to bend them permanently. They were kind of bent outwards on one side after that so I heated them in boiling water and bent them back into shape then ran cold water over them and they held the shape I'd bent them into. If not for piro comp on the robird keeping it level as it spun wildly and the gorilla gear to cushion the fall the helicopter probably would have been demolished. The damage was a bent feathering shaft and mainshaft, bent pitch control arm on one grip (arms are seperate like the RJX head) cracked finish on the canopy (one of the $15 Fusuno ones from Hobbyking) and a broken Fusuno fiberglass tailfin (carbon probably would have caused tail damage) Amazingly the blades were totally undamaged.
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