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Originally Posted by Travis MCH View Post
I had two V120D02's set up exactly the same with same stock motors but one with the 3 axis and one with the 6 axis. Every time I took them out to fly I would crash the 6 axis during the first pack. I tried out the 6 axis for about a month or two and finally took it out. I used it for a while in my V120D05 and it was no better. Too much pitch up and bucking on fast forward flight. I tuned the gyro pot in every which way with no improvment. I tend to not fly very level and the 6 axis was just not forgiving at all. It WANTS to be level all the time so for my flying style it didn't work. I found I was constantly fighting it and it made flips, rolls, and steep banking very difficult. The RX2622V-D (3 axis) is still the favorite with me. Now days I hardly crash unless I have a mechanical failure.
I really love the 3-axis gyro on the V120... sure wish they would keep it...
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