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Originally Posted by PittSpecial View Post
I would not bother at first. My experience with my Sky Trainer 55 inch is a very robust Nose Wheel Strut even though it "is" not spring loaded to absorb hard landings. If you can tighten the set screw that keeps the strut from turning on its own then, it will be okay, IMO.

I have posted numerous postings of my Ugly Landing on tall grass and at a high rate of speed that the nose gear (Strut) caught and resulted with the model to completely flip upside down.

The Strut was bent very badly and I almost changed it out with the Dubro type that has been recommended here, however, I had some time one lazy evening and disassembled the entire Nose Wheel Assembly and took the Nose Wheel Strut in my hands and carefully bent it back in shape in order to slide back in the plastic parts (tight Tolerance).

It is your choice but, IMO, there is no need for changing out things right off the gate.
Thanks. I already have a couple spring loaded struts that I used on my Dynam SR22. If the wire can fit then I will definitely change it. BTW I'll be flying off asphalt
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