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Originally Posted by dkfuji View Post
Since my 130X is running the HP08S motor, the added power makes the heli loads of fun but it comes with a price. It is going through tail gears, tail shafts and tail servos. I even installed the DS35 to see if it would last longer but that servo is good for FFF but not for all out. I think I may go back to stock all the way around to preserve the durability a bit.

Comparing the new V120 to the 130X is a trade-off IMO. The V120 is rock solid and durable. There are no tail vibrations and she is full 3D capable even with the 6axis. However, I do experience the unpredictable pitching up in aggressive FFF circuits with the KDBB blades. The 130X does what you tell it to do. FFF is flawless and is also full 3D capable. Its just that darn tail resonance (even after spin balancing the blades) that increases the maintenance. I am going to CA the bearings into the plastic tail case and loctite them into the metal tail case to eliminate some of the vibrations.

In the end, I guess I like both helis for different reasons and have fun either way.
Yeah, on my 3 axis v120 i had to turn the gyro pot WAY down, almost to the bottom to get it to not react funny with the KBDD blades. I don't know how that would work out on the 6 axis. It seems like they are too light and feed back odd input to the gyros from time to time. In high winds it will take to wobbling around. IMO the KDBB blades are a give and take. Being so light they are not always the most stable in the air. But the heli will perform better. I've been thinking of trying the weighted blades with the bullets. Just to try.

I put them on my V120D05 too and they are a big improvement, because that bird needs all the head speed it can get. It's pretty heavy which helps in the wind, thats for sure. But the same thing. Gyro pot all the way down, then turned up just a bit. Using the same RX too, 2622V.

V120D05CS08 - 3D Flight - 11-08-12 (3 min 18 sec)
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