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Originally Posted by hammer22 View Post
I think your hurdle is going to be fitting multiple RF modules into your case. Spektrum/Walkera uses the CYRF6936 chip, Futaba uses the ML2724 chip, others use the TI CC2500 and others use the Nordic chips. Unless you want to get into making a customized PCB with all those chips mounted on it with a complex RF matching/switching system to select the output from one chip to send to the antenna, your going to need 4 separate RF modules with 4 antennas.
Don't think that it is what he want to do (maybe I'm wrong).

But rather have a module for the Walkera protocol.

And as a bonus, have dsm2(x), walkera devention, walkera 2801, 2601 and 2401.

I for one would be really interested by such a module (JR type), I tough once about it with a 328 so many protocols would be to much for the flash on the 88 (I think...)

But since my programing skills are those of a Neanderthalian, I'm stuck trowing stones at some sapiens...(without success ).

Like in this thread :

About porting ER9x to a WK-2801 and using the protocols sources from deviation.
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