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Originally Posted by OlliW View Post
as regards the DIY adapter, Mick has described the situation masterly... I am actually kind of surprised that the 1n4148 did work for you (that's good!)

with the Shottky's it might work better, but it might also not work better... you will see...

in cases such as those you describe screenshots often has proven to be very helpful (we don't see anything of the problems, we just see what you display here )

as regards the error message "connected device is INCOMPATIBLE", this usually means that you run AvrConfig with a Device which is not compatible with the device you have connected. E.g., if you have firmware v0.15 installed and connect to AvrConfig with the device set to v0.16 (and vice versa) it would give this error message. Is it possible that in the Device field you have e.g. GA250-Cp-Gyro-v015, instead of GA250-Cp-Gyro-v016? This might have happend because you installed first the v0.15 package, but just have copied the firmware hex-files for v0.16 but not all other files, or you have installed the firmwares in two different folders, and have tried now to access the GA250 with the AvrConfig of the "wrong" folder... if you continue to have problems here, unzip the v0.16 firmware package again into one folder, and just use the files of this folder. Alternatively, it could of course also be a read error because of the instable connection, but I think you should see this then in the message field.

the DIY adapter is great... if it works... but unfortunately often it just sucks... hence our recommendation of the FTDI adapter (and thanks to HK the FTDI has really become so much cheaper than it was a year ago, so that it shouldn't be a brainer anymore)

Thanks guys.
I've swapped 1N4148 diodes for the BAT85 ones now, and it connected and stayed connected.. Hopefully it will last, so I can keep making adjustments to the gyro..

Thanks for the link, Mick. I'll go get my self a beer and read through the manual!

Have a good weekend all of you, and thanks for helping me out.

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