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Originally Posted by Murocflyer View Post

I have received a PM concerning the length of this thread and was wondering if you wouldn't mind me cleaning it up by removing the posts that are not relative to reviewing the flight Sims. I'd like to remove the chit chat and other non-related and off topic posts. I won't do it if you don't think that is OK, but I'd like for this thread to focus on the topic. Doesn't matter to me, but for the sake of others, brevity might be the best approach.

Let me know what your thoughts are.


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OK, here are my thoughts about reviewing flight Sims:

Ask the question "What is the best RC plane?" in any RC forum and I guarantee within the first two replies someone will ask the counter-question "What type of flying are you planning to do?"

I doubt, hell, I know that in the almost 8 billion people on this planet that there is not one single person that is equally interested in all aspects of RC flight! Everyone is going to favor one or a few types of flying over, and in lieu of, other types. I believe the same goes for flight simulators. I can back this up simply by pointing out the types of aircraft offered in the different products; there is always one type that is in the majority, while another type will be scarce if not missing altogether.

What type of flying is best represented by Brand X? is it warbirds? Jets? Gliders..? l would be wiling to bet real money that the physics of that Sim are also going to be geared to that same type of flying. And let's face it; the physics required to accurately represent a series of 3D helicopter stunts ain't going to be worth dick when you're trying to float a Gentle Lady on a thermal that's barely there! The same goes for the features included with the Sim; the majority of them are again going to favor the most popular type of plane offered by that Sim. Why do you think someone felt there was a need to come up with a dedicated helicopter flight simulator?

So in my opinion any really useful review would include noting the type of flying that particular Sim favors, and which types it just gives lip service to if not outright ignores.
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