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Originally Posted by R_Lefebvre View Post
Oh wow, there's a conference on right now in Ottawa? Wish I'd known.

I'll love to see your update on what is happening.

I still don't agree that people should have to be a member of the organization in order to see a document that is a law. Secret laws?

Are the changes (such as requirement for ground pilot training) going to be grandfathered out? Is there an advantage to jumping in now before I'm ready, but before the new rules come into effect?

Well, my aircraft is now ready, but I wasn't ready to actually start a business just yet.

Unmanned System Canada (USC) is a private organization working very closely with TC on the future of the UAS in Canada and who try to defend us (well more the interest of the industry) and help defining regulations that are not too restrictives.

The text is not a law just the explanation of the 4 phases of the new coming regulations. In summary , USC ,as TC didn't have the time/staff to wrote the new exam, will do this task and that what it was discussed 2 days ago at the conference.

According the plan, all the 4 phases of new regulations are to effective before 2018 (phase 1 before end of 2014).

For the ground school (GS) training, well if you ask for SFOC, usually TC is more happy when you have your PPL or GS , at least you know the CARs, how to read an aeronautical map, a NoTAM, the phraseology, well to summarize all the tools you need for a better integration in the airspace.

To attend the conference is not cheap between (700-1400$) but you have direct contact with industry, TC and maybe future clients. Start with a membership @ 75$.

Here a pdf from the working group march 2012 with some (old) news
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