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Airspeed empowers tail feathers

But be careful to only consider balance with the motor off... That's due to the effects of motor to wing incidence.

Okay - diving the model increase airspeed, your wanted to pitch upwards.. That means your model has more weight in the nose than is needed to make it fly forward because the elevators are having to be up in " glide" to fight gravitates pull on the nose at normal speed.

The stalling you experienced with the weaker motor was caused by the same issue... Balance.

With the adds up trim to hold the nose up the weak thrust couldn't PULL the model through the drag of the up trim. As the motor thrust recovered after each stall the airspeed increased and the up trim forced the nose more vertical back to a stall the thrust could overcome with the origin motor.

Your solution works for electric powered flight just fine. Fly replace batter and fly again. But doesn't work for someone who wants to spend more time with the motor off because drag and stalls making thermaling pretty difficult.

Your at abot 30mm keep working back , remember that the supplier is usually conservative on their posted CG ranges.
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