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Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
It's mounted on top of the boom holder with the FBL gyro mounted on the receiver tray (didn't want the gyro on the boom holder where it would get more vibrations). These pictures show it better.

The Plush 60A was supposed to be temporary untill the YEP80A I have backordered arrives which is why the wire isn't sleeved. It's become obvious now that won't be for a while so I've since sleeved the throttle wire properly. All of the wires between the RX and FBL are run though one sleeve with the plugs color coded. I've flown it pretty far out and flipped it without issues, I don't do hard 3D though. However at almost any angle at least one of the antennas is poking out from behind the frame somewhere.

Tarot 500 with a bunch of aftermarket upgrades added. Except for the lynxheli canopy locks and CF rudder pushrod which I added after those pictures and gorilla gear none were actually necessary. And those three are necessary even on a real Trex in my opinion. Especially gorilla gear, it will save you a lot in crash costs and repair times. If it gets bent up in a crash you can just toss it into boiling water for a minute and bend it back into shape.
Sweet, i looked Tarot does not make a 250 yet. But the CX 250 is pretty sweet, then i'm going to put the DFC head on it. That is interesting about the Gorilla gear. I didn't know they bent and can be thermally reset. That is pretty cool.

Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
So far, it seems that the problems reported for the 6 axis version mainly appears in FFF. I have never flown full-speed FFF with it and this may explain why I haven't seen any problems. I suspect that if the heli settles on a constant speed for some time, the accelerometers will react much more than if you were flying small circuits with much more frequent input corrections. This is because flying at a fast constant speed is like hovering to the accelerometers. I have been experiencing the same sort of problems that you reported with my Master CP. However, the effect seems to be less when there is wind around as the heli gets pushed around more often. Otherwise, I find flying mild 3D much pleasant than with the 3 axis version.
Yeah, it does seem that this is the main area people have been complaining about. I've also seen complaints about drifting in bank turns. But again, most people doing FFF are doing fast, steep bank turns too. So people not going FFF would be taking a leisurely bank turn, which is what the 6 axis seems to like if it slows down banking by drifting out in FFF turns, as reported. It does seem that for localized 3D, the gyros work great. it's the type of flight that always has the heli tilted consistently the same direction that is going to be the problem, it seems.
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