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Originally Posted by CNY_Dave View Post
............ have put in 4 flights on my WWI biplane over the past 2 days (weather has been crap), just after some repairs, and one landing was a little off to the side but all were pretty decent (no bou7ncing no groundloops gentle touchdowns) just-off-the-ground pull-pull-pull that elevator until it stalls touchdowns.

A big reason for that is I just said the heck with trying to save a messed-up approach and I went around on about 3 of those (4 landings, but 7 approaches). Saving a bad approach is good practice for dead-stick landings, but I grew too accustomed to saving a hideous approach with my trainer, and my bipe just doesn't like that type of treatment.

The bipe doesn't really like elevator-for-speed throttle-for-altitude landings, the speed at which the plane will fly that way slow enough for approach is slow enough that the smaller-than-scale ailerons and elevator lose most of their effectiveness.

What it likes is a shallow descent with a fair bit of power (but I don't like being that close to the ground for that long), or a steeper descent with a bit more speed but little or no power (almost dead-stick or dead-stick). The steeper descent favors my runway when I'm landing to the south as the north end has an obstruction.
A WW1 bipe is subject to a lot of drag and slowing her down will result in as you say - lack of control authority.

I flew a scale Nieuport 28 years ago ... what a beautiful model - but OH what a dog to take-off and land !
Bring her in slow and nice descent ... BOUNCE !
Bring her in with throttle to grease in ..... she'd land and then ground-loop taking the wing-tips with her ...

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