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Originally Posted by flydown View Post
Was flying my Walkera V200D01 today and had a ground strike which broke one main blade and stripped a few teeth on the main gear. I reinstalled a new main blade and tried a little hovering inside the house this evening.
My question is am I running any risk flying it with the main gear missing a few teeth though it seems to hover OK?
(I am still a newbie when it comes to helicopters)
Yes. I would take a break from flying and order some main gears soon.

Here is why..

1.) The motor pinion will eventually chew on the teeth that are on each side of the missing teeth. The main gear will begin to slip. The pinion gear may also start to become worn from the mis-match of teeth.
2.) Because the tail is a direct drive off of the main gear, the slipping main gear will cause the tail to spin at uneven speeds. This could cause a spin-out.
3.) The missing teeth will also damage the tail drive gears in a short time.

The above problems may happen all at once while in a hover, resulting in a crash. Then, you'll have bigger problems. I'm sorry to give you the bad news but, I've been there several times before and pushed my luck too far.
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