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Hitec RCD - HTS-SS Advance Sensor Station & HTS-VM

Originally Posted by burke757 View Post
Gents, I am trying to determine if the Hitec vario sensor (HTS-VM) will work with the nitro sensor stations. Thanks Randy
Negative, requires HTS-SS Advance.
. HTS-VM Variometer Sensor
"Our HTS-VM Variometer sensor sensitively tracks your aircraft’s rate of climb and reports the data back
to your HTS-SS Advance sensor station. It is the perfect telemetry tool for gliders of all sizes.
Stock # 55860 - HTS-VMVariometer Sensor"

. HTS-SS Advance Sensor Station
"Our HTS-SS Advance telemetry sensor station works compatibly with all our existing sensors as well as the HTS-ETEMP,
HTS-AS, HTS-VM and HTS-SM. Delivering on its name, the HTS-SS Advance provides more advanced telemetry capabilities
than any other RC telemetry system and is capable of monitoring all types of models.
It also provides engine temperature via the HTS-ETEMP sensor, air speed via the HTS-AS sensor, sensitive rate-of- climb
tracking via the HTS-VM sensor and servo performance via the HTS-SM sensor.
This leading-edge telemetry module provides the most reliable and comprehensive communication with your model yet. "
Part No. 55853- HTS-SS Advanced Sensor Station"

Telemetry - Instruction Sheets & User Guide with pictures plus Enhancements Under Development.

1st Feb 2013: Further information on the HTS-VM.
. Finally I found out how it works!
And yes, I was wrong it is a variometer, but........
- rates for sink and climb rate of your glider are made audible by beeps of the A9.
- as one cannot adjust the sound intensity of these beeps all colleagues on the airfield will complain
- in the menu SYSTEM/SENSOR/ADVANCE/VARIOMETER/SETTING one can switch the beeps off an on
- if "Sensitive "setting is on "FAST" this leads to an unacceptable noise on the airfield
- as there is [b]no/[b] voice out put of sinking and climbing with the HTS-Voice one cant use a headset
- although the variometer shows a correct altitude on the A9 the HTS-Voice needs a reset
of the altitude before flying to report the correct altitude ! Why?
I would be much better if we could switch off the beeps on the A9 and have ounlky a sound output
from the variometer on the HTS voice and use a headset. - Juergen"

11Feb2013: Further information on the HTS-VM.
-operation : just plugin the variometer in the given port of the HTS-SS Advance. That's it.
- you can choose between GPS and variometer height (choose variometer it is more precise)
- sinking and climbing of your glider is given by beeps of the A9.
Your colleagues on the airfield will not tolerate that because you cant adjust the loudness for the beeps.
- the HTS voice does only a voice output of the actual height not for sinking and climbing
- you can switch off the beeps for sinking and gliding on the A9 separately but then you have no information during your flight
- you cant log the data of the new sensors for the HTS-SS Advance with the HPP-22 software
- the HTS-Navi does not receive the data from the new sensors (air speed, E-Temp, servo, vario) - Juergen

28 Feb 2013:
HTS-VM Variometer - RCMF UK
"t's all quite simple. With a sensitivity to record height increase or decrease to 1 meter
you get a short bleep for climb (every metre) and a longer bleep for the same sink.
You can turn either of these off in the sensor settings and I think just having the climb beep would be
good enough, and you can set low or high sensitivity, and personally low seems to be the best,
but again flight tests may prove otherwise.
One of the best features though which hardly seems to be documented is that it looks like it will
be a good altimeter also.
Go to the Cockpit view and there is a vario/alt box which displays your altitude, and you can zero
it before you start as it isn't linked to a GPS.
Turn both the climb and descend beeps off if you don't want a vario and you have an good altimeter. "

07 March 2013: Update:
. HTS-VM - Variometer Sales Discontinued in USA
Hitec USA has chosen to discontinue the Vario and any combos including it at this time until its implementation can be improved.
If you have purchased one and are unhappy with it then please contact us and we will swap it out for something of equal value. -
Mike Mayberry, Hitec/Multiplex USA
. The hardware is valid, it's the ability to get the data to the pilot that is lacking. - Mike.

Alan Tong.
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