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A8M Aerial HK heavy assault model from Terminator 3

Terminator A8M Aerial HK heavy assault model


Recently, I saw a video of some guy in Russia having done the two turbo fan design seen in T1, T2, T3, and T4.
After seeing that and having this project in my head for awile now, I just had to do my own...except it'll be the 3 fan A8M Aerial HK heavy assault model version seen at the beginning of T3. The tiny HK-drone shares the same layout which was seen near the end of the movie which was designed and built by the US Airforce after having purchased Cyberdyne.

Here is link to the short thread with a couple vids of the Russian guy's version.

As a note...this thing will NOT be small. To get an idea of size...the turbo fan ductings will be made using Home Depot 5 gal buckets as a base and using motors spinning 11x7 3 blade props...basically a shrouded rotor design.
As a comparison, the largest ducted fan unit commercially available on the market is 127mm that Im aware of. A Homer bucket has an internal diameter of 280mm at the point where the 11x7 props will be situated.

Originally, I had posted this in the VTOL section which isnt even part of the multirotor subsection at all.....and that area has very little traffic. The reason I'm moving it mostly here is it definitely falls into the multi-rotor designation and I may need help from time to time to figure stuff out.
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