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Actually it's only ~17:45 right now. I don't sleep at nights though.

Shortened shroud:

I looked at the units from the last set and I thought the same thing for the 20mm and 22mm. The reason why I did that was because I knew there would be rotors. I just was not sure what kind of rotors. The 20mm (7mm and 8.4mm) is actually 4.5mm longer than the 6mm version: 15.5mm compared to 11mm (both without lips). The 10mm version has that extra 4.5mm for obvious reasons.

About bringing them back to the start of the stators. I could do that, but I was personally considering the little "bump" that would be caused as the air transitions to the stators from the rotor.

The extended stators provide two functions. They do give a little bit more stator area, but they are really their to support the motor hub. Anyone who has these units know just how fragile they are.

The lip on the 22mm shrouds are actually much bigger than the 20mm so that adds to the length a lot. It actually has the same no lip length as the 20mm (7-10mm).

Intake Lip/Bell: (this applies to the finer units)

The intake lip actually adds to the cylindrical integrity of the units. It sort off acts like a T or I beam. The larger units without the intake lip has a ring or two along the unit. The shrouds are also a little thicker than I would like them to be because of this. They are .5mm when ideal would be .3mm. The stators are between .3mm and .5mm depending on the point of the airfoil. Yes there is a foil there. It's just very thin.

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